Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaches help promote leadership and ingenuity in your executives along with long-term success for your organization. We provide your organization with a focus on meeting specific goals and objectives, motivate career advancement, as well as hone the skills that your managers and executives already possess.

Creating a professional team is only part of a successful business; coaching your executives and inspiring them to achieve and apply greater knowledge and skills is how our Executive Coaches help your organization complete this circle of success.

Our Executive Coaching experience includes:

  • 12+ years coaching in Human Resources with teams and individuals to positively impact organizational effectiveness, performance, retention, and career development.
  • 12+ years experience qualified to purchase the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI).
  • Master of Art – specializing in performance improvement; human performance technology; career/personal development; instructional design, training and organizational development. Our coaching clients include Executives and Managers, employees seeking personal or career development, Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Human Resource Professionals, Teachers etc.

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